Audio Test Sets

Audio Test Sets

ATS-5XAudio testset 5X

The NCS/Electrodata ATS-5X is a handheld test instrument for complete troubleshooting of audio frequency impairments on communication networks. An intuitive menu, rugged construction and a bright, clear LCD touchscreen make control and operation an enjoyable process.

The ATS-5X measures transmission quality and impairments in the frequency range of 50Hz to 20kHz. Use the ATS-5X to verify signal levels and transmission quality or to identify sources of noise, distortion and interference.  Measurements include: Spectrum, Longitudinal Balance, Impulse Noise, 23-Tone and Echo.  The ATS-5X can function as a telephone handset with dial capability and it can capture DTMF digits which are then analyzed for twist and skew. Captured tests may be stored to your USB device for later analysis or documentation. Simple controls and sophisticated test solutions mean ATS-5X will enable you to troubleshoot your audio network problems quickly and with ease.

Download the complete specifications ATS-5X Data (PDF).



Enhanced Audio Test Set

The ATS 2 is a full-featured audio test set in a portable, hand-held unit. The set facilitates the installation and maintenance of leased or dial-up circuits and equipment connected to the public switched networks. Designed to comply with IEEE and Bell specifications, the ATS 2 performs all basic analog transmission measurements plus Impulse Noise, Signal-to-Noise and P/AR tests. The ATS 2 can also function as a telephone handset on 2- and 4-wire circuits, with dial, hold, talk and listen capabilities.image_ats2

  • Menu driven
  • Impulse Noise and Signal-to-Noise tests
  • DTMF or pulse dialing
  • MF dialing optional
  • Tests to IEEE and Bell specifications

Download the complete specifications ATS2  Data (PDF)

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