Telecom Testing

Telecom Testing

Handheld and remote telecom testers and technical support

Our telecom test equipment and technical support enable us to identify the equipment or vendor responsible for poor network performance and stop the finger pointing that can sometimes occur when one provider blames the other of being the source of network failures.

NCS conducts Telecom testing to verify the performance of legacy voice/data networks that employ Audio, T1/E1 technologies. In today’s public network, these technologies are often described as “EDGE” technologies. EDGE means the technologies are mostly at the customer end of a Wide Area Network (WAN), while the core of the public-switched telephone network (PSTN) has evolved to a packet-based Ethernet network. Unfortunately, most carriers have focused their efforts on building out their packet-based networks and have limited support for the voice and data technologies upon which many customers continue to rely.

NCS distributes and supports the full line of Electrodata instruments including:
• An audio test set
• Affordable instruments for T1/E1
• Transmission test instruments that support Bit Error Rate Test (BERT)

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