Networked Communications Solutions (NCS) provides a wide range of low-cost wireless sensors solutions designed for commercial and industrial and consumer applications. Wi-In™ detects and monitors every function critical to your network including light, humidity, temperature and distress. NCS system Wi-In™ allows for user customization and includes free online sensor monitoring with SMS text and email alerts. NCS Wi-In™ sensors are designed for easy installation and can be remotely monitored by anyone needing to check the functionality of their networked systems. All Wi-In™ sensors include:

  • 900, 868 and 433MHz operating frequencies
  • Replaceable 3.0V battery
  • At 1 hour heartbeat setting, included AA batteries will last more than 4 Years.

Wi-In™ Sensors provide the added value of AA batteries. The AA battery option is more robust at a wider temperature range and provides extremely long life for quicker heartbeats.

Wi-In™ Sensors Include:

Wireless Temperature Sensor

Wireless Temperature Sensor with 3 ft External Probe

High Temperature Wireless Sensor

Low Temperature Wireless Sensor

Wireless Humidity Sensor (High Accuracy)

Wireless Humidity Sensor

Wireless Grains Per Pound Sensor

Wireless Water Sensor

Wireless Infrared Motion Sensor

Wireless ID Sensor

Wireless Dry Contact Sensor

Wireless Light Sensor

Wireless Lux Sensor

Wireless Open/Closed Sensor

Wireless Magnetic Presence Sensor

Wireless Activity Sensor

Wireless Accelerometer

Wireless Vehicle Presence Sensor

Wireless 0-20mA Current Sensor

Wireless Analog Voltage Sensor

Wireless 120 VAC Analog Voltage Detection Sensor

500 VAC/VDC Analog Voltage Measurement Sensor

Wireless Button Sensor

Wireless Compass Sensor

Wireless Flex Sensor

Wireless Liquid Level Sensor

Wireless Pressure Sensor

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